A good old clear out is always good for the soul.  Whether it’s your wardrobe, your desk, your bookshelf or your kitchen cupboards, the mental health benefits are huge. Clutter can cause stress and sometimes when we are holding on to things we don’t want anymore, we may also be holding onto other issues.

Decluttering will not only give you have that feeling of accomplishment, which let’s face it, some of us need more than ever in this world of lockdown, but you will also be able to enjoy your home again.

Whatever we are doing in lockdown, whether it’s working from home, homeschooling or just surviving, we can all be lacking in motivation at times and deadlines may be few and far between. So start small, even if you just sort out one cupboard and leave the rest for another day, it doesn’t need to be a huge job to be a job well done.

A clear and clean space, wherever that is, makes for a clearer mind, allowing us to focus more on the tasks in hand, which once again benefits our mental health.

But had you thought about the financial benefits?  Why not sell the things you don’t want and make some money out of decluttering?